Wicklow-online is a means of communicating the latest thinking on present day issues affecting everyday life in Wicklow and beyond.

The website has been set up by Paul Leahy who has been a community activist in Brittas Bay and east Wicklow for many years.

This website is intended to fill a void which he feels exists in the field of local self-governance in the county.

This void takes the form of lack of real consultation by officialdom on matters affecting people’s lives, the failure of elected officials to represent the views of people on the ground in the face of developer driven initiatives in local areas and sadly the failure of local people to assert their rights in such situations.

Wicklow is particularly vulnerable to these influences because it borders a rapidly expanding conurbation with all the demands on the county created by that expansion such as superdumps, telephone masts, quarries, unsustainable development etc.

Local communities are in danger of being swamped by such pressures and attempts to make ones voice heard becomes harder all the time.

Wicklow-online is an attempt to redress that imbalance. It aims to identify issues, give a voice to those who feel affected by these issues and present the latest thinking both at home and abroad on these matters such as Communitarianism, New Localism and the Third Way.

Paul Leahy was a founding member of the Brittas Bay Community Development Group, First Chairperson of the Bruttas Bay Group Water Scheme, Wicklow Community Networking’s representative on Wicklow County Council’s Strategic Policy Committee for Transportation and Roads Infrastructure and the County Development Board, Social Inclusion sub-committee on the County Development Board and represented the community sector on Wicklow RuralPartnership Ltd.

He recently graduated with a B.Sc in Rural Development from UCD.